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SFP to SFP media converter


  •  Supporting conversion of 2~1250Mbps optical digital signals.

  •  Conversion speed fast, less delay, high efficiency

  •  Provides 2 slot (sockets) for universal SFP modules, all major SFP brands are supported

  •  Supporting hot-swap of SFP modules

  •  Front panel Diagnostic LED Indications

  •  Supports Jumbo Frames

  •  MPLS packed size


SFP to SFP media converter has to SFP sockets (slots) and can store 2 universal SFP modules, whether it is 155M, 1.25G or even 2.5G - all datarates are supported.


One can think dozens of applications for this converter, and your imagination are just limited to SFP module type you use.

Application scenario Nr.1: Classic application when single mode type media converters need link via multimode fiber, and you can have no way to change modules inside them. Note, that instead of media converter, it can be anything, STM-1 SDH multiplexer, video CCTV transmitter etc.

SFP to SFP media converter


Application scenario Nr.2 Here's another interesting scenario. What if you could save on renting a fiber cable twice, paying for 1 fiber only, but still using same dual fiber 1310 nm wavelength devices? Yes, you again can consider SFP to SFP media converter which in this case converts dual fiber application to WDM single fiber.

SFP to SFP fiber converter

  • FIBERBIT  SFP to SFP media converter has two SFP sockets. It can convert two optical digital signals of SFP modules, which have same speed, among different wavelength, different distance and different mode (singlemode, multimode, UTP, Fiber). It is used widely in popular applications in all kind of optical digital signals, like Ethernet signals, ATM signals, SDH signals, and control signals etc.

Like for example you can have a situation when:

  • Multimode fiber need's to be converterted to Single mode fiber;

  • Multimode wavelength 850 nm need's to be converted to 1310 nm;

  • Single mode wavelenght 1310 nm need's to be matched with some equipment, but it supports 1550 nm only

  • Or, even any exotic conversion like CDWM window to regular 1310/850/1550 nm wavelenghts using this SFP to SFP media converter now becomes possible.

Detailed Features

  • Conversion of optical signals can be carried out between multi/multimode optical fiber, between single/multimode fibers, or between single/single mode fibers when the both SFP modules have same speed.

  • SFP to SFP media converter is supporting conversion of 2~1250Mbps optical digital signals.

  • Conversion speed fast, less delay, high efficiency

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T, 802.3u 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX, 1000Base-FX/TX and 2.5G Ethernet Standards

  • If you use ATM/SDH or any other standards - if standard SFP module is used, also support these standard as well.

  • Provides 2 slot (sockets) for universal SFP modules, all major SFP brands are supported;

  • Supporting hot-swap of SFP modules;

  • Front panel Diagnostic LED Indications;

  • Supports Jumbo Frames, MPLS packed size, brand new chipset is used


SFP to SFP media converter

  • Interfaces: SFP sockets.

  • Transmission Rate: 2~2.5Gbps

  • Power : External or Internal switching power: AC100~240V/DC5V or 48VDC supported

  • Ambient temperature:0 ~ +60℃

  • Storage temperature:-20 ~ +70℃

  • Humidity:5% ~ 90%

  • CE/FCC/ROHS certification

  • Diagnostic LED's: Link A, Link B TX/RX, Power, Activity

  • Dimensions: 70.5mm(L)X94mm(W)X26.5mm(H)

Ordering Information
FB-2-SFX SFP to SFP media converter, supporting modules 155M (i.e fast ethernet), 1.25G (i.e Gigabit Ethernet) or 2.5G, AC or DC power options


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