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SFP slot Fiber Media Converter


  •  Converts between 10/100/1000BaseT and SFP YOU choose!

  •  LLF - Link Loss Feature (option)

  •  Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet types

  •  RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

  •  Any MSA compliant type SFP module supported

  •  Universal - Can be used in Chassis as well

  •  MTU size 1536 or jumbo frame (option)


Want more flexibility rather than regular media converter offers? Now you always can change fiber type & distance simply swapping SFP transceiver inside a MSA compliant SFP slot.


Now, why would you need a converter with SFP slot? Well, flexibility is a concern for any ISP or network provider. Consider this - you need to order 100 pcs converters, but you do not know yet, the customers you will connect in a future, will be 2 km, 20 km or maybe 97 km far away? So, all you need to order this SFP slot converter, and different SFP modules in set! SFP Fiber Media Converter can be used not only in any size ISP's or Telecom Operators who want to develop PTP type FTTH/FTTB network. Private and Small Biz/SOHO can use converters to connect 2 offices through fiber over long distances. Below we had gathered most popular applications for SFP Fiber Media Converters at the current moment:

  • As FTTx CPE device at users home

  • Oil/Gas industries - monitoring & alarm systems

  • CCTV industries - IP cameras, Fingerprint devices & beyond

  • Large and Medium/SOHO business users - creating own LAN & WAN's

  • Special cases, when single conversion (not paired) must be done.

SFP fiber converter application

SFP slot series converters are designed to meet the massive needs for Fast Ethernet & Gigabit network deployment and able to extend a copper based Gigabit network via fiber cable to a maximum distance up to 120 km. Distance and it's limitations depends on SFP module you choose to plug in the device!
This series converters are fully compliant with IEEE802.3z & 802.3ab standards. It can be installed into a Standard Converter Chassis. The installation & operation procedures are simple & straightforward. Operation status can be locally monitored through a set of Diagnostic LED located in the front panel.

 SFP fiber converter front and back panels

Detailed Features

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T, 802.3u 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX Ethernet Standards.

  • Provide one 10/100BASE-T port or 1 10/100/1000 port (depending on model) with RJ-45 connector;

  • Provides 1 slot for universal SFP modules, all major SFP brands are supported;

  • Supporting hot-swap of SFP modules;

  • Front panel Diagnostic LED Indications;

  • Can be installed in FB-C14 chassis - universal type casing

  • Supports Auto MDI / MDI-X function

  • Supports Jumbo Frames, MPLS packed size, brand new chipset is used

  • LFP feature as option





SFP Fiber Media Converter general specification

  • Cable to be used: Multimode & Single mode Fiber - Twisted Pair - depends on SFP module

  • Transmission Type: 10/100M/1000 FDX/HDX

  • MTBF: >3 years

  • BER: <1E-8

  • Data Buffer: 128Kb

  • Power temperature variation: 0.2mw/℃

  • Input Power Range (dBm): For single mode type:0~-40, for Multimode: 0~-30

  • Operate Temperature: 0℃~70

  • Storage Temperature: -45℃~80℃

  • Imax: 800mA

  • Power: 2.5w

  • EMC: FCC Part15

  • Size: 95×70×26mm (external power) or 140×110×30mm (internal power)

Ordering Information
FB-MCS 10/100 type SFP socket based fiber media converter, MTU size 1536, no LFP, AC or DC power options
FB-MCSAS 10/100/1000 type SFP socket based fiber media converter, MTU size 1536, no LFP, AC or DC power options
FB-MCSAS-J 10/100/1000 Gigabit Autosensing type SFP socket based fiber media converter, MTU size - Jumbo frame


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