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Gigabit Fiber Media Converter


  •  Converts between 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000BaseFX

  •  LLF - Link Loss Feature (option)

  •  Single mode and Multimode types both available

  •  RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

  •  SC/FC & ST connectors as choice

  •  Universal - Can be used in Chassis as well

  •  MTU size 1536 & Jumbo Frame (option)


Gigabit Fiber Media Converter 1000 Mbit/s with and without 10/100/1000 autosensing feature for Gigabit Ethernet Last Mile and FTTx type PTP applications


Gigabit Fiber Media Converter with Gigabit 1000 Mbit/s can be used not only in any size ISP's or Telecom Operators who want to develop PTP type FTTH/FTTB network. Private and Small Biz/SOHO can use converters to connect 2 offices through fiber over long distances. There is 2 types of  models  - which do not support 10/100 autosensing feature and there is a models which support, so be sure to double check if your UTP device that you plan to connect to media converter has 1000 Mbit/s pure Gigabit port. Difference with 10/100/1000 media converter which is presented in a same category here, is that 10/100/1000 autosensing converter can adapt also to lower UTP TX ethernet speed, but then it's price also is slightly higher. Model with 1000Mbit/s is the best choice for a really budget restricted applications worldwide, while mode with 10/100/1000 feature is more universal.

Below we had gathered most popular applications for Gigabit Fiber Media Converters at the current moment:

  • As FTTx CPE device at users home

  • Oil/Gas industries - monitoring & alarm systems

  • CCTV industries - IP cameras, Fingerprint devices & beyond

  • Large and Medium/SOHO business users - creating own LAN & WAN's

  • Special cases, when single conversion (not paired) must be done.

Gigabit Fiber Media Converter application

Fiberbit's Gigabit  fiber media converter series comply with IEEE 802.3/ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. It isupports two types of media for network connection such as 1000 Base-T to 1000 Base SX/LX and connects these two types of segments to operate smoothly

Converter fits in Fiberbit  media converter chassis as plug in module and can be used in standalone applications as well

Gigabit series Fiber Media Converter transforms 1000Base-T (Copper Gigabit) media to 1000Base-SX/LX (Fiber Gigabit) media and vice versa. The 1000Base-T port supports full-duplex Gigabit connection at wire speed with RJ45 connector. The fiber Gigabit connection supports shortwave (SX) or longwave (LX) laser optic with multi-mode or single-mode SC type connector.

This converter will give your Copper Gigabit connection the ability to interface with fiber connection over a distance up to 120 km!

Fiberbit Gigabit dual fiber optical fibre converter is manufactured to provide 1000Base speeds according to your existing 1000Base-TX network. This is also known as a Gigabit network. The converter takes a typical shielded RJ45 connector into a Fiber Optic SC connection to run the distance. You can then use another converter to return the signal into RJ45 to match with the network you are using.

The media converter is connected between Fiber cable and twisted cable segments with network operating smoothly.

This converter model can be used as slide-in module to the 19 converter rack.

Converter is transparent to all protocols, can be used all all areas as Fiber to The Home, Fiber to the Business or Fiber to The Curb.

front and back panel of fiber media converter


Detailed Features

  • Compliant with IEEE 1000Base-T and 1000Base-LX

  • One 1000Base-T RJ-45 port

  • One 1000Base-LX/SX Port w/ SC/ST-Type Connector

  • Status LED indicators for Power, Link/Activity, Full-Duplex, and Speed

  • Wall-Mountable

  • Optional 19” system chassis with redundant power supply, holds up to 14 Gigabit Fiber Media Converter

  • CE, FCC & RoHs compliant

Gigabit Fiber Media Converter supports IEEE802.3z 1000Base-Tx/Fx protocol, as well as full duplex and half duplex mode.

  • RJ-45 interface

The transmission media adopts CAT5 twisted-pair with typical length of 1000 meter. It features the function of automatically identifying the through line and cross wire

  • Fiber interface 

SC/ST fiber interface is of duplex mode type, including two interfaces, namely TX and RX. When the two sets of optical transceiver are interfaced or connected to switch with fiber interface, the fiber is in cross connection, namely "TX-RX", "RX-TX" (direct butting for single optical fiber).

  • Connection

The network device (work station, hub or switch) with RJ-45 interface is connected to RJ-45 jack of optical transceiver through twisted-pair. And the multi/single mode fiber is connected to SC/ST fiber interface of the optical transceiver. Then switch on. The corresponding LED is on for correct connection.

Gigabit Fiber Media Converter general specification

  • Standard Protocol: IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-TX/FX standard

  • Connector: one UTP RJ-45 connector, one SC/ST connector

  • Operation mode: full duplex mode or half duplex mode

  • Power supply parameter:

    • outside: 5V DC 2A

    • built-in: 110-265V AC  48VDC

  • Environmental temperature: 0-60

  • Relative humidity: 5%-90%

  • TP cable: Cat5 UTP cable

  • supported fiber types: 

    • multi-mode: 50/125, 62.5/125 or 100/140μm

    • single mode:  8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125 or 10/125μm

Ordering Information
FB-MCGM05 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 500 m, (850 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGM2 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 2 Km, (1310 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGS20 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 20 Km, (1310 nm) single mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGS40 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 40 km, (1550 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGS60 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 60 km, (1550 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGS80 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 80 km, (1550 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
FB-MCGS100 1000 Base-TX/FX Fiber Media Converter up to 100 km, (1550 nm) multi mode dual fiber, SC/ST/FC, AC or DC power options available.
- J add -J at the end of each model name to support Jumbo Frames & LFP - Link Loss Failure. For example FB-MCGS100-J will support LFP & Jumbo frames. Regular version supports MTU size up to 1536 bytes and have no LFP feature
-AS add -AS at the end of each model to have 10/100/1000 autosensing feature


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