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14 Slots Universal Chassis


  •  14 universal slots for media converters

  •  Double power supply modules AC/DC or AC/AC etc

  •  Compact 2U design

  •  RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

  •  Easy to install

  •  Universal - Can be used in Chassis as well

  •  No set or configuration required


14 slots universal 19' rack mount chassis for any type of media converters listed below. You can plug in up top 14 media converters


14 slots universal chassis can be placed in POP's, and NOC - Network Operation centers. This will save a lot of space and will eliminate the mess in your 19' racks. Now, instead of having 14 separately powered media convetrers, you can use this chassis and just power it once. Private and Small Biz/SOHO can use converters to connect 2 offices through 1 fiber only (single fiber)  over long distances. The biggest win for an operator here is the save of the fibers - now Transmission and Receive works over 1 fiber, splitting wavelengths 1310/1550 nm. Below we had gathered most popular applications for Fiber Media Converters at the current moment:

  • As FTTx CPE device at users home

  • Oil/Gas industries - monitoring & alarm systems

  • CCTV industries - IP cameras, Fingerprint devices & beyond

  • Large and Medium/SOHO business users - creating own LAN & WAN's

  • Special cases, when single conversion (not paired) must be done.

Gigabit Single Fiber Media Converter application


  • 14 slots chassis provides 14 module slots for any combination of media converter. Chassis can be used as NOC node for Fiberbit unmanaged converter series - for installing in 19' rack. You can take same module out and use as standalone module, and no need guess, how much you will need media converters for chassis, and how much will need for standalone - Fiberbit has solved this problem, by making our converters - pure universal.


  • Designed for continuous operation, the chassis is equipped with dual cooling fans and redundant power supplies (optional). Its Plug-and-Play and Hot-Swap features allow installing/removing the converter unit without powering off the chassis.  Rack-mount chassis eliminates the external power adapters for media converters and organizes multiple converters in a single unit, which makes it the perfect solution for managing multiple units of converters same time in NOC or POP.


  • 14 slot converter chassis can supply several media converters with power ,this will simple the links and structure , it can work stably and adapt broad width of voltage . It can store strong power and can be operated and managed easily. The maintenance of this chassis is also very easy. This option is the very one to meet the requirements of good stability , high capacity , good integration and good quality .This option supports hot-swap convert modules .It can work with single power supply or dual power supply as users wish, when the power supply should be maintained or changed ,it is not necessary to pull-out the converters ,this makes the maintenance easy.With all these advantages ,this option can supply users with an effective solution of networks


14 slots chassis general specification

  • Diagnostic LED: Power LED

  • Power input: 100-240VAC 50~60Hz

  • Power consumption (full mode): 60W

  • Power consumption (empty mode): 10W

  • Operation temperature: 0~50 C

  • Storage temperature: -30~60 C

  • Dimension: 485mm(L) X 231mm(W) X 90mm(H)

  • Humidity: 5%~95%

  • Diameter of DC plug :2.5/5.5 mm

Ordering Information
FB-C14/AA 14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included - AC+AC
FB-C14/AD 14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included - AC+DC
FB-C14/DD 14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included - DC+DC


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