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EPON ONU with 1 port Fast Ethernet and 1 port Gigabit Ethernet


  •  1 ports Fast Ethernet & 1 port Gigabit Ethernet and 1 PON uplink

  •  Distance till OLT''s up to 20 km

  •  1:64 split ratio and 1:32 supported

  •  Port speed & MAC limitation

  •  ACL configuration for flexible functions

  •  Layer 2 Convergence Switch

  •  Rigid Metal Housing


EPON ONU with 1 ports 10/100 Fast Ethernet, 1 port Gigabit Ethernet  and 1 uplink PON port. Can be used in semi-FTTB or FTTH dense urban household connections when up to 2 users can be connected using same ONU without a switch.


1 Fast  Ethernet + 1 Gigabit Ethernet EPON ONU is one of the most popular ONU's used in FTTH deployments till now. It has 2 ports, and can be used for example for 1 port connecting whole customers LAN, for example, connecting home wifi router, or directly to PC, and another port can be used to connect IPTV set top box. 2 port EPON ONU can be used in:

  • Small and mid sized and big ISP's;

  • Regional level carriers who want to organize fast development of FTTH access

  • Hotels and resorts who want to establish triple play over a fiber

  • Local Area Networks;

  • CCTV IP camera surveillance 

EPON ONU with 1 fast Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
Quick Specs

Parameter Min Typical Max Unit
Optical Transmitter
Wavelength 1270 1310 1360 nm
Power(average) -1 +4 dBm
Rate 1.25 Gbit/s
Optical Receiver
Wavelength 1480 1490 1500 nm
Sensitivity -25 dBm
Overload -3
Rate 1.25 Gbit/s
Receptacle SC/PC

  • EPON ONU is a equipment used in PON networking system to provide data service for end users.The main function of ONU is receiving the optical signals from downlink and convert it into ethernet signals then deliver to users. And receiving the ethernet signals from uplink signal of users equipment or networking and switch it into optical signals then deliver to upper networking through PON networking  system.


  • FB-E-ONU1FE1GE  is an Optical Network Unit of EPON series products. EPON series product uses PON technology, it precedes over the traditional optical accessing products on not only cost performance,maintainability but also extendibility.


  • FB-E-ONU1FE1GE  is a device with 1 uplink GEPON port and 1 10/100M+10/100/1000M RJ45 ports, it suits for the FTTB networking system.

  • Works with OLT - Optical Line Terminal via splitter in center

Detailed Features

  • Compatible with 802.3ah,Support up to 8 LLID

  • Prevent of system breakdown

  • Alarm of Power off

  • Support IGMP Snooping

  • Support remote online updating of software

  • Data Encryption Support,Protection of User Data Safety

  • Function of Bandwidth Control Based on Service, Support DBA

  • Ports on User Isolated

  • Support 802.1Q VLAN,QoS, Management for Priority of Service

  • Support remote monitoring/data diagnosis function ,end user configuration / incident detection

  • Remote Loop testing

  • Centralized Management on OLT Side

  • Optical Link Distence Testing Support

  • Configuration no needed when Installing Equipment


1 Fast Ethernet port & 1 port Gigabit Ethernet EPON ONU general specifications

  • Dimensions:139mm(L) x 102mm(W) x 34mm (H)

  • Weight:390g

  • Input of Power Adapter: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz

  • output of Power Adapter:12V/1A

  • Power Consumption:< 6W

  • Operating Temperature: - 5 ºC ~ 55 ºC

  • Storage Temperature:-40 ºC ~ 80 ºC

  • Relative Humidity:5 95/li>

Ethernet port specifications

  • Standard:Support IEEE802.3 Series

  • Transmission Rate:10M、100M、1000M、10/100/1000M

  • Auto Negotiation

  • Operating Mode: Full、Half、Full/Half Auto Negoniation

  • Cable:RJ45 Connector,CAT3/5 Unshielded Twisted Pair

  • Transmission Distance:100 Meters

Ordering Information
FB-E-ONU1FE1GE 1 port Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s & 1 port Gigabit Ethernet, 1 PON uplink, EPON ONU


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