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XFP to UTP 10G Media Converter


  •  Transparent Transport and very low delay

  •  Support Jumbo Frame

  •  Support DMI function for SFP+/XFP fiber module

  •  Economic In-band Management function

  •  Support Loopback test function

  •  Support hot plugging

  •  Support 2U Rack (16 channel) and standalone use


XFP to UTP 10G Media Converter easy to install, plug and play converter - XFP with any distance and fiber type to UTP 10G port converter. Available as standalone unit or plug in card in chassis


  • Connection between fiber to copper 10Gbps Ethernet equipment function as fiber-to-copper media converter for long distance transmission

  • Media converter for network backbone (SAN, LAN, MAN)

  • Can be applied in Telecommunication room, R&D laboratory, Data center, and etc.

  • Providing protections against lighting and static electricity for Ethernet network and the network main system

  • Providing additional network management options

FiberBIT provides 10Gbps Ethernet media converter between SFP+ to UTP, and XFP to UTP.No matter what kind of media applied for 10Gbps Ethernet, it used to be the fiber as the media for transmission. 10G Ethernet standalone and module cards, brings you the best and simple solution for the Ethernet conversion between media of copper wire and fiber, with the speed of 10G.

FB-10G-MC its module card allows you to cascade multiple  2U Rack (16 channel) chassis for managing at the same time.

With various Interface:

SFP+ to RJ45,

XFP to RJ45
Detailed Features

  • Support Jumbo Frame

  • Transparent Transport and very low delay

  • Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength

  • Support DMI function for SFP+/XFP fiber module

  • Support Loop-back test function

  • Economic In-band Management function

  • Powerful Network Management function (Web,SNMP,Console)

  • Support hot plugging

  • Support 2U Rack (16 channel) and standalone use

  • Full State Led display

  • Easy installation

  • UTP cable length detection (only RJ45 interface)


XFP to UTP 10G Media Converter General Specification

Module Card Type A Type B
Interface Port A SFP+ XFP
Port B RJ45 RJ45
Transmission Speed 10G 10G
Data Technical Indexes
Protocols IEEE802.3an(10Gbase-T), IEEE802.3ae(10Gbase-SR/LR/ER/ZR) Accesss Type 10G LAN
Transmission Distance SFP+ module: Up to 80Km
10Gbase-T: 100meters Cat .6a cable
Maximum Packet Forwarding Rate 14,880,950/S
Network management information Card type information
SFP+ or XFP fiber module detection
SFP+ or XFP fiber module DMI function (Temperature, Voltage, Optical power)
Link status detector
Enable/Disabled Loopback test function
Enable/Disable PRBS Generator and checker function
Rate select (10Gbase-Lan or Wan)
Remote card's status monitor (only in pairs)
Power requirement Rack-mountable: AC 85 ~ 220V OR DC -48V
Standalone: AC 220V OR DC -48V
Power consumption: <= 9W
Work environment Operating Temp: 0 ~ 50 C
Storage Temp: -10 ~ 70 C
Humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimension Card: 11.5mm(W)×78mm(D)
Standalone: 156mm(W)×128mm(D)×32mm(H)

Ordering Information
FB-10G-MC-XFP XFP to UTP 10G Media Converter, AC or DC options for power


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