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40G Fiber Optic Media Converter (3R)


  •  Support 1*40G Mode and 4*10G Modes

  •  Support Jumbo Frame

  •  Support DMI function for QSFP fiber module

  •  RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

  •  Support Loopback test function

  •  Have chassis & standalone versions

  •  3R function.


FB-MC40G-3R  provides media conversion and distance extension and signal regeneration for 40G or 10G Ethernet links.


Fiberbit FB-MC40G-3R provides media conversion and distance extension for 40G or 10G Ethernet links. It is hot-swappable with two QSFP sockets for QSFP transceivers. Installation and setup is simple plug and play. Insert the module into any powered Fiber Driver chassis with the QSFP transceivers required for the application, and then connect to the network. Applications include:

  • Media conversion and distance extension for 40G or 10G Ethernet links.

  • Media conversion (multi-mode to single-mode) and link range extension. (The multi-mode QSFP may be used with MPO MM (40G) or with fan-out cables for quad 10G interfaces.)

Quick Specs

  • Support 2U Rack(16 Slots) and independent use.

  • Support network management (Web SNMP, Console).

  • 3R function.

  • Support Jumbo Frame.

  • Transparent Transpor and very low delay.

  • Support DMI function for QSFP fiber module.

  • Support 1*40G Mode and 4*10G Mode.

  • Support Loopback test function.

  • Support hot plugging.

  • FullState Led display.

  • Easy installation.


Detailed Features


40G Fiber Optic Converter general specification

Performance Data Technical Indexes
Equipment function 3R Repeater
Protocols Multiple functions in one module:--40G converter/repeater--Quad 10G optical multiplexer40G link interface

--Ethernet/IEEE: 802.3ba 40GE-LR4 /SR4

10G interfaces:

--9.95 - 11.35 Gbps
Access Type 40G Ethernet
Network managementinformation Card type informationQSFP fiber module DMI function ( Temperature 、 Voltage 、 Optical power )Link status detectorEnable/Disabled Loopback test function

Enable/Disable PRBS Generator and checker function
Interface Type QSFP To/From QSFP
Transmission Distance Up to QSFP module  ( Max 10Km )
power requirement Rack-mountable : AC 85  ~  220V OR DC -48VStandalone: AC 220V OR -48VPower consumption: ≤8W
Work Environment Operating Temp: 0~ 50  ℃Storage Temp: -10~ 70  ℃Humidity: 5%~90%  ( non-condensing )
 Dimension Card  :  11.5mm  ( W ) × 78mm  ( D )Standalone  :  156mm  ( W )  ×128mm ( D ) ×32mm ( H )

Ordering Information
FB-MC40G-3R 40G OEO Fiber OpticMedia Converter (3R)
FB-QSFP-SR4 QSFP  transceiver module, S4 OM3 multimode type
FB-QSFP-LR4 QSFP  transceiver module LR4 Single mode up to 10K, 40G


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