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Defining Network Logical Topologies

November 4, 2014
Ilja Zegars
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Unlike physical topology, logical topology does not exist in a physical form. It is a map of the logical paths that data takes, and it is not necessarily follow the physical routes.

Bus logical topology is the most common logical solution for the bus, star, or star-wired bus physical topologies. This logics can be defined, as data from one device travels to all devices in this network. Ethernet is based on this logical topology.

Since the networks with bus logical topology broadcast data and communicate directly with each other, they make broadcast domain. Usually broadcast domain is limited by the single repeating device, unless it has been reconfigured.

Ring logical topology creates logical path in a circular manner, where data circulates between sender and receiver.An example of ring logical topology is shown in Figure1. Physical connections are shown in purple color, while logical paths are in orange color.


Ring logical topology

Figure 1. Example of ring logical topology over star physical topology.


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