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FTTX Access

Full range of equipment for FTTx access. OLT - Optical Line Terminal, ONU & ONU - Optical Network Unit (Termination), passive splitters, FWDM for 1310/1550/1490 signal combining in case CATV headend equipment is used, HGU - Home Gateways. All you need to build FTTx network from A - Z.

EPON OLTOLT (Optical Network Terminal) - Core element of any FTTx/FTTH network. Installed at POP - Point of Presence or NOC - Network Operations Cen ...
EPON ONUONU - Optical Network Unit, referred also as ONT, is located at customers premises. In case of FTTx it can be located directly at customers ...
PLC & FBT splittersFDN - Fiber Distribution Network for FTTx is not simple choice of FBT or PLC splitter. They come with various types starting from simple 1:2 ...
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