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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I place the order?

Answer: Request the price online, mention order quantity, talk to sales now and choose the method of payment – and let the ball kicking!

What payment ways you accept?

Answer: Bank transfer to our account / credit card via PayPal / Western Union

Which countries you can ship? Is there any limitations?

Answer: Any country is OK to ship for any product and with any quantity.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Answer: You can order any quantity.


Question: How do you ship goods? Can I track my shipment online?

Answer: Depends on size of order. For a smaller shipment if we ship by DHL, TNT, Fedex or EMS (a good and cheap way to ship from Taiwan), then yes, you can track them online. However, you are not limited to those choices. Savvy customers and system integrator like to use freight forwarders who ship goods to airport only and that can save your costs if shipments are more heave than 40 – 50 km. You can always chat without Customer Success Representative for best shipping option.

Question: How much costs ship my product to my country?

Answer: Again depends on quantity, type of product and country to ship. We are always analyzing best shipping quote at the current moment. Like for example if at current moment ship to your country DHL is better than TNT, then we choose it, or vice versa.